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Our Work

Building Community

  • Bring together people with similar experiences or interests
  • Build and harness collective power through community
  • Share experiences, resources, and actions

Building Coalition

A Multi-Generational Community of Practice for Emerging Birth Workers

  • Reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity
  • Rural, Urban, Latinx, African, Gullah, African  American, Diverse Educational and Social  Backgrounds
  • Connect the new generation of birth workers to the many elder and ancestor granny-midwives in our communities.
  • Co-design solutions to address the Black, Brown and Indigenous Maternal Health Crisis and its impact in our region.
  • Control the narratives around birthing, breastfeeding and mothering.
  • Apply for a Birth Worker Scholarship
  • Supporting Birthing People – Perinatal Safe Spot Infograph
  • Lending Library
  • Awareness and Education
  • ACTT Trainings
  • IRTH App

Healing Coalition

  • Early Childhood Community of Practice designed to co-design solutions to address trauma, and the impact of implicit bias, racism, and isolation in the early care community.
  • National Healing Centered Engagement Certification
  • Reconnecting children and their caregivers with generational ancestral practices that promote resilience and joy.
  • Safe Spaces To Heal the Generations – Health Equity and Healing Convenings
  • ​Free Access to Culturally Responsive Mental Health Services for primary caregivers of young children
    • Black / Latinx / Indigenous Free Crisis / Mental Health Supports
  • ​Free Professional Development Lunch and Learn Series for Early Educators on Trauma-Informed Care and emotional wellness that centers racial and cultural healing.
    • Cultivating and Creating Healthy MyNDSpaces Series with Dr. Cerrissa Hugie 
  • ​Multi-generational affinity and support groups designed to restore joy, healing and hope for Early Educators of African, Latinx and Indigenous Descent
    • Supporting Early Education Leaders – Beloved Books, Mental Health Fund Samantha Hernandez Curated: Beloved Books Catalog
    • Supporting Families-Lending Library
    • BEE Water Equity Project- Black Families Swim Scholarships / Latinx Swim Scholarships

Research Justice

Learning Community Goals and Strategic Priorities

Our Learning Community, the Beloved Early Education and Care Collective  is focusing on the following goals:

  1. Increasing and improving quality and competency of those providing care and education to children
  2. Collecting, analyzing, applying, and sharing data for continuous improvement of service delivery
  3. Engaging the community on a path from input to empowerment, where those most affected by the issues are leading the charge and effectively resourced

During the learning community, the Beloved Early Education and Care Collective focuses is focusing on the following specific priorities:

  1. Promote health literacy with a mental health focus
  2. Lay the foundation for a socio-emotional development system of care for early childhood that includes supports for children, families and primary caregivers
  3. Address bias in birthing and early education systems and develop an anti-bias culture of support
  4. Identify and implement effective modes of communication that engage lay people and professionals in information and data discovery, sharing, and decision-making
  5. Engage the community on a path from input to empowerment, where those most affected by the issues are leading the charge and are effectively resourced

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